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Jamie Lidell Mini-Documentary with Yours Truly

In this case, that “yours truly” does not refer to me, but to the renowned video artist. With experience in ads, music videos, and many other varied forms of filmmaking, Yours Truly was the perfect choice for a collaboration with electronic/soul/funk master Jamie Lidell. Together they’ve produced a mini-documentary in which Lidell discusses some of his creative process, motivations, and the story behind the song ‘Blaming Something’ from his new eponymous album. The album, released in February on Warp Records, is Lidell’s fifth studio production, and conserves the artist’s characteristic experimental style and liberal approach. Just in case listening wasn’t enough and you wanted to know how it’s made, you can check out “Blaming Something” on vimeo now.

Jamie Lidell “Blaming Something” from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Jamie Lidell (the album) is available now, and Jamie Lidell (the artist) is on tour throughout North America, if by chance you happen to get over to that side of the pond.

-Chris Melville

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