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News: Nike Air Max Home Turf Series

In 1987 Nike launched the original Air Max shoe series, redefining the world of sportswear forever. Though kicking off in North America, the trend soon spread the world over, re-appropriating sportswear for all occasions, with lasting visible effects on the fashion, music, and even technology of major European cities. Becoming most prominent in London, Paris, and Milan, Nike has turned to the vibrant styles of these cities as motivation for their newest collection: the Nike Air Max Home Turf Series. Drawing upon the cultural diversity of London, the understated artistic beauty of Paris, and the popular fashion of Milan, the Home Turf series exhibits all of the best qualities of these unique and irreplaceable metropolitan areas. Above and below are just a few samples of what this collection has to offer, each shoe as singular as the cities upon which it is based.


The Nike Air Max Home Turf Series is on sale now.

-Chris Melville

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