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Introducing our BOTW: Young Galaxy

When Young Galaxy‘s Catherine McCandless belts out “I don’t care if the disbelievers don’t understand” on ‘Pretty Boy‘ – the opening track from the Canadian five-piece’s latest album, Ultramarine – you can’t help but believe her. Across their four full-lengths to date, McCandless and co. have been unafraid to upset expectations; veering in new directions and always following their hearts, wherever they may take them. Ultramarine, as McCandless recently told me, is the next logical step in finding their ideal sonic template. Logical, yes, but it’s also a further pacing into new realms of songcraft and one that inherently brings with it an element of uncertainty. “We wanted something that felt challenging to our sensibilities and tastes,” she candidly explains, “that told more of the story of where we come from musically”.

On Ultramarine, it seems as though the risks taken by the band – their ongoing movements further away from the indie pop of their earlier releases, forays into synth-pop, and leaving their native Canada to record with Dan Lissvik in Sweden – have well and truly paid dividends. It’s a sleek, shiny and tight affair, sure, but it’s also an expansive, wondrous and heartfelt listen. As such, we felt we had to celebrate it this week on PlanetNotion. Before we get down to the rest of our usual BOTW coverage though, have a listen to Ultramarine‘s swooningly romantic ‘New Summer‘ below:

- Alex Cull

Young Galaxy’s Ultramarine is out April 29 on Paper Bag Records. You can pre-order it here.


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