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Joe Brummell #56 – Face Off!

Spring is finally upon and while it’s a bit too early to dig out the shorts and sunglasses it might be time to start thinking about your skin. If you want a quick and easy fix for all your problems, whatever they are, then we have just the thing for you. Montagne Jeunesse have just launched a range of face masks, peels and scrubs especially for men, tackling everything from the morning after to blackheads. Just look at these men’s faces, they literally couldn’t be any happier. Here are a few of our favourites from the range-

Morning After Scrub
There’s not much that can be done about the night before when it gets to the morning after, unless we’re talking about your skin. The Morning After scrub contains pumice for exfoliation, charcoal for absorbing excess sebum and borage seed oil, which is rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids for conditioning the skin and regulating hydration.

Eye Rescue
Too many late nights and your eyes will give the game away. You could try and get more sleep, but that doesn’t sound like quite as much fun so why not so use this mineral rich sea algae Eye Rescue to get rid of puffiness and tell tale dark circles instead? Red algae increases the density and firmness of the skin, while softening the appearance of fine lines. Sea kelp re-balances, hydrates and oxygenates while Dead Sea salt soothes and heals. My top tip is to keep this one in the fridge.

Zap Them Peel Off
For recurring skin complaints like spots the Zap Them Peel Off mask uses ginger extract to remove dirt from deep inside your pores leaving you with cleaner, clearer skin. Ginger strengthens capillary walls which will firm the skin tone. The mask also uses rosemary which calms irritable skin and helps prevent any future outbreaks.

Blackhead Mask
Blackheads are a difficult skin problem to treat, but its not impossible. The Blackhead Mask uses liquorice extracts to deep cleanse and purify. Liquorice extracts help to open the pores, rebalance excess oils and enhance your skins natural radiance. Willow-bark extract is rich in antimicrobial properties, increasing your skins ability to renew cells while acting as a natural remedy for a whole host of skin problems.

All masks are priced between £1.09 and £1.99 and are available at  www.montagnejeunesse.com

-Warren Beckett

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