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Introducing: Rainy Milo

Artists of all kinds are usually obsessed with the concept of originality. They’re constantly trying to forge their own singular sound. You know? It comes as kind of refreshing, in a way, when someone admits to being derivative, even celebrates that fact. In a seemingly contradictory way, that admission is what makes them a unique artist.

Ladies ‘n’ gents, meet Rainy Milo. As she has said herself, “I’m not original; I am simply a physical collective of my influences.” So are most people, but as long as you choose your influences wisely and merge them in a creative way, you’re golden. Again, such is Rainy Milo. The seventeen-year-old pop singer/songwriter from London burst onto the scene late last year (we can, admittedly, be a little slow) with a YouTube post of song she wrote and recorded herself. Inspiration struck on the back of bus, and resulted in tens of thousands of YouTube hits, an EP on Soundcloud, and an upcoming May mini-tour of the UK.

Success never slows the creation of new songs, though. Just the other day (again, we’re a wee bit slow), Rainy Milo released her third musical foray: a cover of The Clash’s timeless tune ‘Bankrobber.’ As I implied before, she’s wisely selected her inspirations. After hearing the song in Guy Ritchie‘s cult classic RocknRolla, Rainy couldn’t resist the temptation. Her cover does right by the original, but is a distinct performance by a unique artist. If you’ve never heard her before, listen and fall in love with that voice. If you have heard her before, then you have no reason not to want to hear her again.

-Chris Melville

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