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News: Myspace Partners with Gucci Timepieces

Myspace has been around almost as long as Internet social networking. Recently, though, it’s become primarily used for music.  Bands love it for its unique musical sharing interfaces and properties. Gucci has been around considerably longer, producing quality watches and jewelry since the ’20s. As a brand, they’ve always been popular amongst musicians, with an exclusive partnership with the Grammy Awards. Hey, that’s something these two completely different companies have in common: music. Well, harboring that common ground, it makes perfect sense for Gucci and Myspace to partner up.


Introducing Gucci SYNC (which in this case stands for Social Young Network Community). This new line of watches is designed to appeal to a young, music-loving crowd, offering the perfect blend of stylish and practical so the wearer will both look good AND not ruin their brand new watch in a mosh pit. In keeping with this music/networking theme, there’s no better place to launch the Gucci SYNC than via Myspace.

Check out Gucci SYNC on Myspace now.

-Chris Melville

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