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News: NX Records

How often do you get to talk about a university student’s extracurricular achievements? Speaking as a university student myself, I can honestly say, not very often. Certainly nothing that would get a mention on a professional music/fashion site, right? Well, every so often, something worth writing about does happen.

One of London’s most innovative and exciting labels, Accidental Records, has just teamed up with Goldsmiths, University of London to create a brand new, student-managed label called NX Records, based in New Cross, London (hence the name). To celebrate the collaboration, they’re hosting a launch festival at the Southbank Centre on Thursday, 9 May.

NX is going to be a professional label, but exclusively feature students. This comes as an entirely unique opportunity for all aspiring student musicians in London. Having heard some previews from the up-and-coming artists, I can honestly say that I’m excited for NX’s future productions, both as a listener and a student.

-Chris Melville

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