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Introducing: Kadija Kamara

Name: Kadija Kamara

Real name: Kadija Kamara

Bragging rights: Supported the likes of Anthony Hamilton, Yolanda Brown and Omar Lye-Fook at their live shows in London. Three top 10 Traxsource singles, with a No. 1 in 2011, called ‘Better Things to Come’ with Joey Negro. Several successful dance releases by Hed Kandi, Z Records, Defected, BBE Records and Soul Heaven.

My music is like: Soul – alternative soul – live elements, guitars, piano, and warm analogue.

The underground acoustic circuit know her well, the underground house scene will be familiar with her vocals, and the dance music enthusiasts are likely to own a track or two with her on it. Having worked her way through several different girl bands – including one managed by Michelle Gayle – to then laying her vocals on various successful dance/house music tracks, Kadija crosses over and skips though genres with the greatest of ease and vocal dexterity. Despite most of her dance music collaborations topping the Traxsource charts and her collaboration with Samba & Ronilo on ‘More’ becoming a huge hit in South Africa, Kadija is keen to prove that she is far more than a house/dance music vocalist.

Kadija feels most at home singing live, alternative soul, with an analogue sound and live music accompaniments including wind chimes and wood blocks. One of her earlier releases ‘Talking 2 Myself’ is a lovely example of how her smooth and sensuous tone sits perfectly over live instruments.

Her latest track is a cover of Aretha Franklin’s ‘Groovin’. Now, before you all recoil in horror, Kadija actually pulls this off extremely well, flipping the song, but not so much that it is unrecognisable, whilst simultaneously putting her own spin on the track and making it her own. She plays her own instruments, writes her own songs and can successfully cover Aretha Franklin. What more can you ask for?

-Trina John-Charles

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