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News: A. Sauvage AW13 & Photo Shoot

Sauvage or Suavage? One is the successful, uber-fashionable clothing brand; the other is a word I made up for the sake of beginning the article with a pun. London designer Adrien Sauvage has just hit us double with a preview of his upcoming Autumn/Winter 2013 collection and a special photo shoot with photographer Justin O’Shea.

The AW13 line is enough to get you excited for the leaves to start falling. Much of the collection sports black or grey, but there’s nothing somber or bland about it. Sauvage adds in a lot of bright patterned accents and boldly uses burnt orange to ring in that autumnal look. To think that we have to make our way through all the warm and sunny months before these items go on sale. At the very least, the AW13 collection from A. Sauvage will soften the blow of the cold air and snow.


Meanwhile, Justin O’Shea joins a long list of great artists and actors who modeled some of their favorite A. Sauvage items for a shoot, including Spike Jonze, Noomi Rapace, Bill Nighy, and Mos Def. The shoot is sleek, suave, and timeless. The full shoot is available on Adrien Sauvage’s popular tumblr page.

-Chris Melville

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