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Rascals Takeover Week: Moodboard

When we asked incendiary grime four-piece Rascals to put together a moodboard as part of their PlanetNotion takeover this week, the response we got was certainly an interesting one. The Notion 063-featured group happily supplied us with a series of images depicting their interests, but rather than explain – or even name – each entry, they’ve left it entirely up to you, the reader, as to what these selected shots represent. Could it be there’s some sort of intersecting thread? A narrative, perhaps? Or, is it the recipe for their boisterous UK hip-hop? We’re still trying to figure ‘em out ourselves, but we’d love to hear your interpretations. So, gaze on, and see if you can work out just what’s inspiring the prodigal young crew.












An intriguing set of images, non? Personally, we’ve found ourselves leaning towards the musical formula concept. It’s hard not to hear elements of Wiley, Dizzee and Bob Marley in the Rascals boys’ music, and any British music-maker surely owes a debt to The Beatles and The Police. But, what about images nine and ten, could it be that the idyllic tropical location in the former is where Shizz, Tempz, Merkz and Kay Willz hope their music will take them? No one could blame them from dreaming as such, that much is certain.

- Alex Cull

You can read the full write-up of our interview with Rascals in Notion 063 – pick up a copy via our online store.

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