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BOTW Interview: Guards

With their debut album, In Guards We Trust, leaving us shouting along gloriously to the heavens, we just had to have a chinwag with Manhattan threesome, Guards. Here, the trio tell us about their Coachella 2013 experience, dream festival line-ups, and their plans to tour the world.

PlanetNotion: You’ve recently played both Coachella weekends. How did you find them? Did you watch anyone there that particularly caught your ears?
Guards: Coachella felt a lot like summer camp – running into a bunch of bands and people we knew, late night BBQ-ing at friends’ buses in the parking lot etc. Many of our family members were able to come out for both weekends, since most of them live in Southern California (including Richie’s grandma). We didn’t get to see a lot of the bands that we had set out to see, but Nick Cave, Wu-Tang, Tame Impala, Dinosaur Jr., Vampire Weekend, and Beach House were the highlights.

PN: Were you to have the choice to curate your own festival, who would your three headline acts be?
G: Elvis, The Beatles, Little Richard, Tina Turner and The Rolling Stones

PN: Earlier this year, you hit the road with Menomena. Did you guys know each other beforehand? How was the experience?
G: We hadn’t met before actually. Our manager knew them and said we would be a good fit for a tour. They are super nice dudes. In fact Justin just came to our show in Portland. Good people.

PN: It feels like with In Guards We Trust, you’ve really cranked everything up to 10 sonically when compared to your debut EP. Was there anything that particularly inspired this shift towards bigger dynamics?
G: Our EP was recorded in our apartment so that played some part in the difference of sound. We had worked with Shane Stoneback before and knew we wanted him to mic the album. He seemed to understand what we were trying to do.

PN: What’s the strangest way anyone’s ever described your music? Be that a writer, a friend, a random person at a show…Anyone!
G: Acid rain on a hot tin roof.

PN: What do you have planned for the rest of the year? Anything you’d particularly like to shout about?

G: Primavera, Field Day, France, Best Coast, Alt-J. Touring South America and Japan and Australia is up next.

PN: I remember reading online that you’ve got quite a stockpile of songs to work on in the future. What’s the best Guards song that no one’s heard yet? Or, at least, what’s your favourite?
G: If I told you, I would have to kill you…

PN: It’s early days right now, of course, but where do you see yourselves heading next musically?
G: Upwards and onwards.

PN: Finally, it’s your last night on Earth. What record do you pick to soundtrack it?
G: Philip GlassKoyaanisqatsi.

- Alex Cull

Guards’ ‘In Guards We Trust’ is available now on Partisan Records.

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