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News: Bompas & Parr at Kew Gardens

Have you ever noticed how there are specialists in every field? People who have honed down a very focused set of skills, hammered out a niche for themselves, and set up shop? Have you ever noticed someone who is an expert in everything at once? Maybe not quite, but the people at Bompas & Parr boast such an expansive repertoire, it’s not hard for the imagination to run a little wild. They have cooks, architects, designers, technicians, and other artists.

This summer, Bompas & Parr is lending their varied expertise to the IncrEdibles festival at Kew Gardens, creating major installation, appropriately titled Tutti Frutti, to last from Saturday, 25 May until Sunday, 1 September. IncrEdibles is a unique festival in exploration and celebration of all forms of edible plants. There are over 30,000 in total, apparently. Bompass & Parr’s installation will transform the pond in front of London’s Palm House into a massive, fruit salad boating lake. At the center of a lake is a giant floating pineapple island, accessible to visitors via a walkway that stretches out across the water. This installation will not only be interesting and entirely singular, but it fits the festival perfectly, and nicely epitomizes what Bompas & Parr is all about.

Kew Gardens are open year-round. Be sure to visit and check out Tutti Frutti this summer.

-Chris Melville

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