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Rascals Takeover Week: Style Inspirations

As part of our takeover by four piece grime group Rascals, the boys have given us a rare insight into their style inspirations. A blend of smart, street-smart and not at all smart, this collection of stars in the music industry show us where the Rascals boys are aiming and we’re pretty sure they’ll make it there before too long.

Pharrell Williams


Pharrell Williams is just effortlessly cool, or at least it always looks that way to us. Whether it’s turning up to a film premiere in denim cut offs and high tops, or deciding that the necessary accesory to a tux is a beanie hat, his style is continually his own take on classic tailoring and clothing combinations.

A$AP Rocky


This 24 year old American rapper is calling all the shots in hip-hop style right now with his unique mix of streetwear and high fashion pieces. We’re seeing prints, stand out jackets and shirts that are easy wearing with any style of trousers. And of course, hats hats hats. Even in these warmer summer days, you don’t want your head to be lonely.



Beyonce always looks pretty damn flawless so you’d expect that Jay-Z has a style to match, and he doesn’t disappoint. Not many people can pull off a white suit but he does it with such a big grin on his face that nobody can argue with. Our examples are pretty monochrome but even when he does wear brighter pieces they are simple and clean cut rather than in your face. Sophisticated comes to mind – maybe an influence for the Rascals more mature moments.

Kanye West


Kanye is probably the most ‘traditionally’ smart style inspiration we have here, but even he can’t stick to all the rules. His suits are creme de la creme of tailoring and fit to a tee, but even with a white bow tie we can see the trainers sneaking in. At least the colours match perfectly – I mean how often do you accessorise your scarf and your trainers? Brilliant.

Big Sean


Ah Big Sean. That shirt should really rank with fashion disasters given it’s strident pattern against those bright red trainers – thankfully he does match ever so well with the Q of the GQ logo behind him. Suave and well put together with a few statement pieces, but largely comfortable and stylish is how we see his style. More an everyday option perhaps, but when your everyday attire needs to take you to press launches and premieres then we’d agree, it probably deserves something a little bit special.

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- Allana Isaacs

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