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Moodboard: Polly Scattergood

Norfolk-via-Berlin songstress, Polly Scattergood, first caught our attention earlier this year with her thunderous single ‘Wanderlust’, which you can check out the video for below. The electro-pop siren is bouncing around Europe with shows & gigs, previewing her forthcoming, as-of-yet untitled sophomore album, which comes out this summer via Mute. Despite her busy schedule, she was able to generate this moodboard just for us. Nice gal.

Gregory Crewdson

“Crewdson is an American Photographer who has inspired me. A lot of his work is based in suburbia, and it’s always slightly unsettling. Often, when you delve into the photographs you notice lights coming from strange places, butterflies in alleyways, smoke coming from drains. What I find interesting is that he takes everyday things–like a woman taking her shopping home–and then places something strange next to it. Like in the photo above, although you don’t actually know what the story behind the photo is, I often find myself building up whole worlds around his photographs.”

Shakesphere and company
“Be not hospitable to strangers lest they be angels in disguise”

“The best bookshop in Paris. If you volunteer there in the day time you are allowed to sleep amongst the books at night time when it closes. It’s a very special place.”

The Hayward Gallerypollyscatter2

“I have always loved interactive art. I have seen so many great exhibitions there. Once, I actually climbed into a gigantic mind; you were able to crawl through all the tunnels into different spaces. One of my favourites was when they filled a giant goldfish bowl on the roof up with water, they then allowed people to swim in it, so we would experience what it must be like to live your life in a goldfish bowl. Another one that stands out was when the roof was filled with water and made into a boating lake, people could just float around in these tiny boats on the rooftop.”

Shane Meadows

“One of my favourite directors: This is England – very real, very gritty and very beautiful.”

Denmark Street

“When I first moved to London, I used to go here and just sit outside the coffee shops, watching the world go by and chat to other musicians. The floor was always a bit sticky, it used to smell of cigarettes and beer. I played my first gig ever at 12 Bar on Denmark street, I also got served my first alcoholic beverage there!  I remember distinctly that my love affair with London started on that street.”

Analog Synthesisers

“The more temperamental the better. I like the challenge. I am amazed how the touch of a button or the turning of a knob can change everything. I find it fun knowing that sometimes you can spend hours sculpting the best sound ever made, and then loose it in 10 minutes. They force you not to take anything too seriously, they are exciting, and geeky, and wonderful.”


“I was taken to Dungeness nuclear power station a few years ago, and I will never forget it. As I approached it down this long desolate road I remember thinking I had just stumbled upon another planet. Apparently it is Britain’s only desert. I had no idea that places like that actually existed, let alone in England. It’s just the most baron land I have ever seen. In the shadow of this massive nuclear power station, the shadow is so heavy and oppressive, even the lighthouse next to it can’t fix its darkness. Dungeness is a beautiful emptiness. As I was walking between the small houses I stumbled across Derek Jarmans “Prospect Cottage”. I was drawn to it as it had poetry from Jon Donne’s poem The Sun Rising on the side of the house. There is something very magical and peaceful about the wilderness of Dungeness.”


“I was bought up listening to Bowie, but only discovered the Low album a few years ago. To me, it’s an absolute masterpiece.”

Sylvia Plath
I bought Ariel in a bookshop in Paris. It’s one of my absolute favourite poetry books, one of my favourite lines is “The frost makes a flower, the dew makes a star.”


“Vogue is an institution, it is a constant stream of beautiful things. I always have a pile of vogue magazines with corners folded down in my flat, just to give me ideas. Sometimes it’s from something as small as a colour on a pair of shoes, to the light in a photograph. Fashion and music are so interlinked, I find so often what is on the catwalk is almost the mirror image of the music scene at the time.”

- Chris Melville

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