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Moodboard: Theme Park

February 2013 saw the release of Theme Park‘s eponymous full-length debut album and launched the band on the fast track to stardom, with a hugely successful headlining UK tour. They’ve managed to take a few minutes to produce this great moodboard for us, showing what Theme Park is all about, when you get right down to it.

Feng Shui


I call it feng shui but it’s actually architectural neuroscience. I get quite obsessed with the space I’m in when I’m doing something creative. Jonas Salk said that when he was trying to cure polio he would go to the Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi to help him think clearly. Once he cured it he got a chap called Louis Kahn to build this amazing place called the Salk Institute, in San Diego, as he was so aware of surroundings on one’s creativity. My Salk Institute for now until I can build my own is the British Library. It’s got a very neutral, quiet, light atmosphere, with airy high ceilings. it helps me to think clearly about creative problems if I’m stuck lyrically or for song ideas.

The West Wing – ‘Brothers in Arms’

The West Wing was the first really amazing TV show I watched. It just blew me away. I loved how unashamedly emotional and epic it was, and this is the most emotional epic bit, with the song and the guitars and stuff, its just like “yeah!” With modern music its not so cool to have this kind of straight up serious guitar solo epic song and it’s something I have to shy away from when I’m writing, as I normally gravitate towards it, so it’s nice sometimes to just put this on and let go.

Straw Dogs

I read this book a little while ago and it really depressed me. I couldn’t help but agree with it all but it was really quite dark. It was all about the limits of humanity and human progress, how morality is just an illusion and how human’s have slowly wiped out all other species and soon we will be unsustainable. I chose it as I rationally agreed with a lot of it, but emotionally I didn’t want to, and I think lots of the songs I write are about the line between more optimistic, romantic thoughts, and more cynical, rational thoughts.

The Thin Red Line

I remember watching this while we were doing some of the first Theme Park writing sessions. It was so clear and truthful. They were just trying to get to the top of a hill. There’s loads of shots of animals watching the soldiers, and the soldiers spend a lot of time in the mud and really submerged in nature. I quite liked that feeling of human’s behaviour looked at in a more simple, strange way. It was comforting. The animals and the hill had no idea that all the men were at at war, it was just people crawling around trying to get higher up. It was so still and calm and felt immensely truthful.

Sum: Forty Tales From The Afterlives – David Eagleman

It’s a book about 40 imagined accounts of what happens in the afterlife. Each account is totally individual, and the whole book brims with creativity in a way that almost shames you if you hit a mental brick wall.

Arthur Russell

I suppose musically he belongs mostly to disco or dance music. But it seems a shame to limit him like that, there’s such a confluence of genres in his work. ‘Another Thought’ is essentially just him singing along to a cello. And it’s captivating. He gives me the sense that if he had tried his hand at writing any kind of song, in any particular genre, it would be ten times better than 99% of the songs by people who commit themselves solely to that genre.

Lake Geneva


We did a show here last summer and it was such a beautiful tranquil place, Me and Miles went for a little dip before the show to cool off!

Brazilian House


This was the inspiration for our Jamaica 7″ artwork. There is something really captivating about the colours and feel of both the photo and the house. Like when people predict what things will look like in the future.

Anish Kapoor


I’ve been a huge fan of Kapoor since I was a kid. His pieces are so large and really peaceful and elegant.

‘Ghosts’ is released 13th May.

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