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BEAUTIFY: Scrub it Up

Yep, it’s that time of year when you look down at your body and think hmmmm I think this needs a spruce up since I’m planning on being half naked in front of everyone at all times for the next few months just so I can get that extra shade of brown. Now, I shouldn’t need to tell you that YOU SHOULD WEAR SPF EVERYDAY, not only to protect your skin from cancer (it’s Melanoma Awareness Month, guys) but also to save yourself from quite a couple unnecessary wrinkles in twenty years time. (Calm voice now, I promise). Back to your in-need-of-shedding body.

Sure, over the winter months it’s easier to try and forget about your body and think ‘I’ll just throw on another jumper’. But it’s come to that time when you need to get scrubbing, rubbing and shedding. Not only do you look ten times better once you’ve done this, but you will tan better. (Which makes it worth it, right?)


Let’s start at the top. E.g. your face. Chantecaille have recently launched the skin revitalizing Bamboo and Hibiscus Exfoliating Cream which is so soft that you don’t even realise what a good job of getting rid of dead skin cells it’s doing. Powered by nature (what a line) the cream mixes Bamboo powder to gently yet effectively removes dead skin cells and minimise pores whilst Hibiscus Flower Acids works to reveal a brighter skin tone, add moisture and promote cell regeneration. 75ml for £73


Body scrubs come in their thousands but it’s hard to find one you actually love, trust and does the job well. A bit like a boyfriend really. Champneys new Mineral Detox Body Scrub is your dream guy. Gets right in there but isn’t too intense. A combination of lemon peel and orange oil gives you an extra glow, too. 200ml for £8


And because, also like boyfriends, one is never enough. We also like to play away with the Invigorating Body Scrub from ARK Skincare. 200ml for £24


I promised you a head-to-toe guide to scrubbing, and so toe I will give you. And your whole foot too. Liz Earle foot scrub sounds a bit extravagant at first, but once you’ve tried it and seen the results it will become your go-to bath luxury. 100ml for £11

Words and photography- Emma Hoareau

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