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News: Shackleton Bags

Inspired by the great polar explorer Ernest Shackleton, these bags from design partners Charlotte Willingale and Jonathan Swanston are the real deal. Perhaps not quite suitable for polar exploration, these products combine simple and practical design with a high quality level of finish and detailing, while supporting the UK manufacturing industry.

Bags, from totes to backpacks, are at the core of the brand, but they have since branched out to laptop cases, pencil cases and leather key fobs. What links them all together is the modern use of bright colours used in exciting new combinations. Their dedication to their loyal customer base means that bespoke pieces are also available on request.

Prices range from £90 to £230 for bags and £20 to £50 for key fobs, pencil and laptop cases. Check them out online, on Instagram (shackletonbags) and on Twitter.

- Allana Isaacs

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