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Review: Nokia Lumia Live Sessions ft Fenech Soler

To coincide with Nokia’s new music streaming app and a range of fancy smart phones the Finnish pioneers have launched a series of live music events across the UK with the aim of showcasing under-the-radar artists to new audiences in unusual venues kicking off last month in Bristol with a spellbinding performance from the insanely talented Ghostpoet in a cemetery.

Collaborating with the La Blogotheque creatives the Lumia Live Sessions continued in equally impressive surroundings last week in Leeds. Usually hosting martial arts the Leeds Cage was transformed into a live music venue for the very first time and it was really quite spectacular. Leaving the bright sunshine behind the Cage was dark and dingy but it certainly had the wow factor creating a unique and intimate atmosphere.

Headlined by Fenech Soler their performance was vibrant and energetic, the perfect mood to partner their uplifting electro pop tunes. The buzz band of 2010 took a turn for the worst whilst becoming Radio 1 favorites when frontman Ben was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Fortunately it was discovered early on, speeding up the recovery process dramatically and the band regrouped. This was the first live performance from the band in quite some time allowing hits like Demons and Stop and Stare to sound fresh whilst a handful of songs touted for their second record were played live for the very first time. The synths transfer from 90′s house combined with the live band brilliantly as catchy chorus’ and hand clapping tempos were in full force throughout. The slick delivery diminished any sight of nerves from the band who seemed delighted and grateful to be back on stage and from the sounds of things it’s going to be a big summer for the energetic quartet who create music perfect for festivals and sunshine.

There’s another four Lumia Live Sessions planned in the coming months, June’s event is to take place in Liverpool. Keep up to date on line up details and how to get tickets by following Nokia UK on Twitter and the Nokia music app which has 22 million tracks to stream is available on the new Lumia handsets.

- Matt Pinder

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