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BOTW Playlist: Gypsy & the Cat

With their second full-length, the expansive – and infectious as hell – ‘The Late Blue‘ currently being on repeat at Notion HQ this week (and many more before it), we asked our BOTW, Melbourne’s Gypsy & the Cat, to compile a playlist of the tracks that inspired them as they went about cultivating its dense sonics and tumultuous, lofty peaks.

It’s hard not to immediately hear The Late Blue from the off in the duo’s playlist. The jangling waves of guitar that open ‘I Know They Say‘ – a cut from former Spacemen 3 co-founder Peter Kember‘s Spectrum project – would feel instantly at home alongside the similarly sinewy chords of The Late Blue‘s title track or album interlude ‘Valleys of Kashmir’. The pair’s grasp of fusing outright spacey-ness with rugged dynamics, meanwhile, is hinted at through the inclusion of The Flaming Lips‘ cosmic ‘Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon‘, and Spiritualized‘s ‘Home of the Brave‘ – a masterclass in the deft development of noise, taken from the other original Spacemen 3 member Jason Pierce’s seminal Ladies and Gentlemen, We are Floating in Space. As a whole, it’s a flawless companion piece to what’s a pretty special record all round.

- Alex Cull

Gypsy & the Cat’s ‘The Late Blue’ is out now in the UK via Alsatian. You can grab a copy here.

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