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Moodboard: Wretch 32

Ahead of his latest single, the mellow, understated ‘Blackout‘, dropping on Sunday, we asked grime upstart Wretch 32 – aka Jermaine Sinclair – to give us a guide to the people, places and events that have inspired his rise to the top of the UK urban game. Read on below for an insight into the mind of one of Tottenham’s finest:

1. Watching Kanye West‘s Glow in the Dark Tour

“I may not have the huge budget to create the Glow in the Dark tour but it gave me the passion and desire to give my fans an amazing experience when they come out to see me perform live.”

2. Chip

“My brother Chip is a big inspiration to me, he has an ‘everything is possible’ mentality and outlook on life. He occasionally acts as a mentor/motivator, giving advice when we have a quick catch-up over the phone; saying that, hopefully I have been the same to him.”

3. So Solid Crew at The Brits

“I was truly motivated by seeing So Solid Crew at the Brits award ceremony. It gave me belief and determination to succeed as a UK rapper.”

4. Jay-Z

“Jay-Z is one of the most successful hip-hop artists. Achieving so much throughout his career something to admire and be influenced by.”

5. Rocky

Rocky is one of the most inspirational motivating movies of all time. Installed a never give up mentality in me. Just the theme song alone motivates and boosts spirits within people.”

6. Tinie Tempah‘s Arena Tour

“Seeing Tinie Tempah sell out London’s o2 Arena was very inspiring. A real landmark and something that hasn’t been done before by a UK rapper. Doing so made realising the possibility of one day accomplishing the same.”

7. Tottenham

“A lot of my songs are inspired by everyday situations my life or what I’ve seen within Tottenham so I can say Tottenham and the people that live within is a big inspiration to some of the record I write.”

8. Bob Marley

“A lot of people say they can hear the reggae influence throughout my music and I think listening to Bob Marley and other reggae artists as a young kid played a big part in that.”

9. Fan Messages

“It can be very inspiring receiving a message from a fan saying how much a song I’ve wrote means to them or meeting me made their day.”

10. Remember the Titans

“Inspiring and touching American football drama. Watching it gave me fighting spirit to achieve anything I put my mind to.”

- Alex Cull

Wretch 32′s ‘Blackout’, featuring Shakka, is released May 12 on Ministry of Sound. You can pre-order it here.

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