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Interview: Lora Gene

It’s the middle of our week featuring new designers across a variety of different creative outlets. Wednesday brings us to Lora Gene, the brainchild of Lora Nikolaev; a brand that focuses on women age 25-45 who use their ‘style genes’ to express their personality through the innovative way they dress. Focusing on the use of high quality fabrics that continually serve to flatter the female form, we love her use of contrasting textures and clean lines. We caught up with the young designer to find out about what influences her collection and her worldwide ambition

PlanetNotion: You’ve been involved in fashion in various facets
 previously, what led you into clothing design?
Lora Gene: I believe this is something which I define as “‘beyond my personal choice”, something beyond me, which I am not able to understand or explain – just like love.

PN: What do you do/ where you go to find inspiration?
LG: Inspiration is like breathing – it’s like a natural biological function of you as a human being. It’s everywhere! Everything and nothing could be inspirational but I would say this season, for the collection I am preparing now – I found inspiration in loving someone. So this new season is all about love.


PN: Does London influence your approach to design?
LG: I come from a small country in which fashion is not something you find very common. That’s why I moved to London and found my place there – it does inspire me and my line, it’s everything I need to see when I wake up in the morning. You know I find my personal spirit in this place, my air, my street. Yes, it does have a huge approach to my design.

How would you describe your style in three words?
LG: Feminine, timeless, mine!

PN: What sort of women do you design for?
LG: Real, Feminine, Strong, Independent, Straightforward, Alive.


There’s a real contrast of cosy knits and gorgeous silk
  pieces in your collection. What’s your favourite material to work
LG: You can call me Miss Silk for sure. This fabric is all I need to touch to see a piece of clothing! This season though I found knitwear very interesting to work with, previously I was amazed by iron and it’s combinations with silk , I love leathers as well.

If you could collaborate with or design for anybody in the
  future, who would be your number one?
LG: The one and only Alexander McQueen – reincarnated! Unfortunately he is not among us anymore. Big loss. Haider Ackermann is the right answer.

PN: What’s next for you?
LG: Along with all the exciting projects and collections we are working on – the next best thing for me is called Wolf & Badger; this year marks the begging of our fashionable collaboration. And the opening of my first boutique in Tokyo – I’ve wanted it for a long time and it’s finally happened! I am very inspired about it as I am a huge fan of Japanese culture and people.


For her online store, and more information about the beautiful new collection see here.

- Allana Isaacs

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