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Angel weighs in on latest music videos

Are music videos seen differently through the eyes of an artist? Are they harsher critics? Do they see things we don’t? We decided to ask Angel. Anyone with musical notes tattooed his face is certainly passionate and with his first studio album ‘About Time’ recently released and two top tens on the UK RnB chart, there is no better man for the job. Here is what Angel thought of Pusha T, Kill FM, Skepta and Dizzee Rascal’s latest offerings.

Pusha T – ‘Numbers On the Boards’
Angel: I think this video is very, very bespoke. The visuals are crazy, they almost didn’t match what he was saying, but it did… if you know what I mean? I like that though. I like the weirdness of it. I like the flow, the flow is crazy.
PlanetNotion: There are some really quick cameos in there. What are your thoughts on cameos in music videos?
: I think if they are done effectively, then it works. I think they should always be done in a smart way though.
PN: People appear to be torn over the beat on this one. What did you think of it?
A: I love that beat! I love the beat because it’s so different… it’s to the left. I love the beat more than anything. It’s not like normal instruments, just playing the drums and stuff, it was like made up instruments… maybe hit the ceiling with something, then hit the speaker box… it was creative. It was a good video overall. I liked it.

Kill FM ft. Cleo – ‘Spin It Now’

A: Well… to be honest, I mean… musically, I get it. The beat will make you jump up and down and 80% of the country loves that sort of thing… but visually, it’s weird what people love… ’Spin it now f ‘em’ means just going crazy and doing what you want – which I can certainly see here, but… it’s not really my vibe.
PN: What do you make of the faux Jamaican accent used?
A: I heard that, but I didn’t really get who was actually doing it… Is the girl in the video? What I get from this video is that some people love ‘crazy’. Different strokes for different folks, but that is not my stroke, sorry.

Skepta ft. Kano – ‘Lay Her Down’

A: Sick. Skepta is so sick you know… and Kano. Out of all of them so far, that has been the best one for me. I can take a lot of things from that, especially in terms of the direction [of the video]. The whole grading of the video, the whole theme… I think it was done really well and I think that a lot of people have tried to do that same sort of vibe and it’s come out wrong. They haven’t executed it well, Skepta got it spot on.
PN: There has been some moaning about the fact that Skepta has chosen this particular direction. Certain people just want to see ‘Skepta the rapper’ and that is it. As an artist, what is your take on this situation?
A: It’s all down to perception. Once people see you one way, or in the first place, is how they want to see you in the conclusion. Their thing is ‘don’t switch it too much, we know you as this…’ and that’s why they are buying into you. I got that 100%, there are a lot of people in our world that will get that, there are a lot that wont.
PN: Speaking of ‘getting it’, there is no denying the attention to detail – the old VHS ripples on the screen, superb – But if you’ve never seen that and/or don’t even know what a video cassette recorder is…
A: Exactly. I love the 80’s and I can totally relate to and appreciate this video. Some will get it and some just won’t.

Dizzee Rascal ft. Robbie Williams – ‘Goin’ Crazy’ 

A: The choice of feature was crazy, it’s not the usual thing that an artist would do. Dizzee, Robbie Williams – crazy. The video is obviously very creative as well. The cars with all the spikes, the bikes with all the mirrors, all the crazy people, the face paint… The way the video was shot as well, it was shot on film… to me it’s organic and it’s a feel good kind of song too.

Exclusive snippets from Angel’s debut album, About Time, can be previewed on his website now.

Trina John-Charles

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