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Introducing our BOTW: Pure X

With Crawling Up the Stairs, the follow-up to their 2011 debut album Pleasure, Austin three-piece Pure X have truly turned the emotional pressure cooker up to boiling point. While it still retains some of the seductive qualities that laced its predecessor, it’s a far harder drink to swallow: a denser, darker, riving affair that’s replete with a much greater sense of gravitas and urgency. It’s a captivating and beguiling listen and, in an almost twisted way, rather lovely too.

As such, with the album having just dropped in the UK, we knew we had to spend a week getting lost inside Crawling Up the Stairs‘ myriad of sprawling, dimly lit corridors and finding only whiskey-tinged confessions and back-against-the-wall accusations. Below, you can grab a candle for yourself and take your first disorienting steps into the record’s second single, the spiraling, confrontational ‘Someone Else‘:

- Alex Cull

Pure X’s ‘Crawling Up the Stairs’ is available now on Merok. You can order it here.

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