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BOTW Track: Pure X – ‘Thousand Year Old Child’

In a recent chat I had with Pure X frontman Nate Grace, the Texan native told me how the trio’s sophomore record, Crawling Up the Stairs, was the result of the group “deciding to make a ‘studio album’,” and having “a lot of time to experiment and fine tune things”. Nowhere is this more evident than on the LP’s tenth track, ‘Thousand Year Old Child‘: it’s one of the album’s most production-led tracks, cultivated from a series of dizzying highs and washed out lows.

Opening on a series of jangling arpeggios that bring to mind Creedence Clearwater Revival at their incendiary best, proceedings are quickly overtaken by a series of droning, chugging guitars. That’s only momentary though, like the few fleeting seconds at which a sunrise first skirts over the top of a hillside: instead, ‘Thousand Year Old Child’ quickly changes course again, a redirection brought about by the entry of Grace’s lulling vocals. The chaos never seems far away, however; there’s a certain sense of danger underpinning everything that occurs here, rooted in crackly guitar histrionics and hissing walls of feedback.

When the track’s sheer bombast of noise eventually implodes upon itself, like a firecracker in the face of curiosity, it’s not a state of pain or even surprise that’s felt: a quiet sense of satisfaction begins to take hold instead. What a ride it’s been.

You can also check out an acoustic version of the track recorded by the band for Yours Truly, below:

Pure X – “1000 Year Old Child” from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

- Alex Cull

Pure X’s ‘Crawling Up the Stairs’ is available now on Merok. You can order it here.

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