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Introducing: Jungle

YES. I’ve just listened to Jungle‘s new single ‘Platoon’ for what’s probably the seventh time in a row. Just… Yes. Completely enigmatic and almost impossible to Google, I thought this band was going to be difficult to write an ‘introducing’ piece about. But then I listened to ‘Platoon’ and realised three minutes of music was really all I needed.

Initially coming across as a bit unusual, the track’s title immediately makes sense when coupled with its unrelenting beat, which marches along effortlessly under multi-tracked vocals repeating the lyrics “oooh brother”. As the atmosphere of the song evokes vivid images of guerrilla fraternities traipsing through hostile swampy terrains, the band’s name falls perfectly into place. The combination is, quite frankly, genius. Funky, smooth and soulful, while kept distinctly modern by slick production, it looks like Jungle will be right at home on Chess Club. ‘Platoon’ is coupled with ‘Drops’ on the band’s debut AA-side, which is available for pre-order via Rough Trade now.

This is quite honestly the best thing I’ve heard in a while. Just listen to it already.

- Ally Russell



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