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News: Secret Garden Party’s Secret Arts presents: Lûz

The first-born concept of London-based multi-disciplinary collective Les Méchants, ‘Lûz’ is a truly spectacular achievement in modern, community-led design. As its name suggests, the installation is a celebration of light. A 3-sided pyramid structure, its exterior is mirrored to blend into its surroundings, while a series of polychromatic LED patterns on its interior are similarly reflected, creating a continual repetition that appears infinite. Changes in the lights’ colours are triggered by viewer interaction – with nine pressure points in the floor activated by walking, dancing, lying and jumping – and a new geometric landscape is revealed with each change within the structure. The result is a spectacular sensory experience, as participants are enveloped in the reflected patterns of the kaleidoscopic space.

Luz – Concept from Red Deer on Vimeo.

The Les Méchants collective includes:
Architects – Red Deer (Lionel Real de Azúa, Ciarán O’Brien, Lucas Tizard)
Artist-Printmaker – Hortense Duthilleux
Lighting & Technology Specialists – Digital Artists (Sami Amin)
Structural Engineer – Structuremode (Geoff Morrow)
Communications/Fundraising – Alba de Garate & Vinay Chaudri

Lûz will appear at this year’s Secret Garden Party as part of Secret Arts.

- Ally Russell

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