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Interview: Agi & Sam

London-based designers Agape Mdumulla and Sam Cotton – AKA Agi & Sam - today launch their much anticipated Topman collection. PlanetNotion caught up with the dynamic duo to find out more about the collection and what inspires their designs.

PlanetNotion: How do you feel that being based in London influences the way you design?
Agi & Sam: I think it is a massive part in the way designers in London design; London is so rich in culture and history that you can’t help but draw inspiration from it.

PN: As young designers how do you find your place amongst the strength of heritage in tailoring in the city?
A&S: Again, British tailoring and function in heritage clothing is a large part of London’s fashion history. Rather than try and stand apart from it, a lot of menswear designers, including ourselves, are massively inspired by it. For us, it is a case of using what they do best and functioning that into our designs.

PN: Does modern tailoring need to be made more accessible and is this something that you are seeking to do in your designs?
A&S: I don’t think it needs to be made more accessible as such, designers are supposed to be pushing the idea of modernity in fashion, I think it’s a case of taking tailoring into a position that it hasn’t seen before and making it part of the evolution of tailoring.

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PN: What was it about George Best that led you to choose him as an unofficial muse for the Topman collaboration?
A&S: Initially it was just his look, we felt it really embodied a great period of football and was in itself quite a strong aesthetic. Although a few seasons ago we were asked who our ideal Agi & Sam man was and we described him as a ladies man with a slight alcohol problem.

PN: More designs are successfully combining sportswear with fashion – what led you mix the two so overtly in the Topman collab?
A&S: It was the nature of the project being about football we wanted to have subtleties in the collection combining what we normally do with football.

PN: You’re mentored by Paul Smith – what’s the best piece of advice he’s given you?
A&S: Never make something that is easily replicated.

PN: You’ve just been announced as one of the NewGen Men winners, congratulations. What does it mean to you to be recognised by the BFC?
A&S: It’s amazing, it’s the next big step we have dreamt of for the brand.

PN: What’re you looking forward to most about LCM?
A&S: For it to finish and to have a holiday.

PN: What’s your track of the summer?
A&S: Azari & III – Reckless (With Your Love)

PN: What do you love most about London in summer?
Girls on bikes.

Shop the Agi & Sam x Topman collection online and in-store now.

- Allana Isaacs and Ally Russell

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