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Gildas Loaëc: Kitsuné’s new collborations and cafés

It takes a creative genius to powerhouse a brand like Kitsuné. Step forward Gildas Loaëc, the Frenchman who when holidaying in Tokyo in 2002 saw no reason why he couldn’t bring the Japanese blend of music and streetwear to European shores.

In homage to its Far Eastern roots, the label was named Kitsuné, the Japanese word for fox. It was a clever move, Japanese mythology believes that a fox can change its face at will, a trait shared by Kitsuné as they seamlessly veer from record label to hip apparel, and give their distinct vulpine twist to some of the world’s coolest brands, and most recently, coffee shop ambiance,

Prior to setting up Kitsuné, Gildas managed Daft Punk, and the robots themselves gifted him with one of their astounding dancefloor inspired coffee tables. These days he works closely with Jerry Bouthier, who will be joining him on the decks at the Kitsuné Summer Party on June 22nd alongside CLASSIX and Lindstrom.

PlanetNotion: What is going to be your summer soundtrack?
Gildas Loaëc: We have our compilation, Kitsuné Soleil Mix 2, out July 1st. I did it with my partner in crime Jerry Bouthier, and it is great for summer. It has a strong disco feel. Good sunshine songs on it.

PN: Nice plug! What can people expect from the Kitsuné party on June 22?
GL: Great music, friendly faces, hopefully good weather and definitely lots of Kitsuné filled fun!

PN: What’s a typical day for you?
GL: A big tasty breakfast, awesome lunch and an amazing dinner.

PN: How much creative influence do you have over the look and feel of the label’s music videos?
GL: Some particular videos like the one we are doing with MEGAFORCE for Is Tropical, I’m very much involved in. Especially to get them started with the whole process and to make things happen.

IS TROPICAL – “Dancing Anymore” / NEW SINGLE! from Maison Kitsuné on Vimeo.

PN: And how involved are you with designing the Kitsuné clothes and accessories?
GL: Some little things, but I have the last word.

PN: Are there any more Kitsuné x … capsule collections coming up?
GL: We are collaborating with many great brands. We recently made shades with Oliver Peoples, rubber boots with French company Aigle, and we have coloured headphones coming with AIAIAI.

PN: You have the Daft Punk x Habitat table (jealous!) do you have any other interesting furniture or design pieces?
GL: Ah, yes I have that one, Daft Punk offered it to me back in the day. I have some other pieces from different designers. I love illustrators the best, so I have lots of drawings from friends like André Saraiva and Jean Philippe Delhomme.

PN: When you were growing up, what were you in to?
GL: I grew up near the sea in Britanny, so I spent lot of my childhood in the water.

PN: Who are you really excited about?
GL: Heartsrevolution, I can’t wait for their comeback.

PN:Has there been anything you’ve achieved in the last year that you’re really proud of or surprised by?
GL: We opened our Maison Kitsuné store in New York, something we have never dreamed about!

PN: Kitsuné has been going for 11 years now, what’s the secret to staying relevant?
GL: Being curious, having fun and being passionate.

PN: What is coming up on the label?
GL: We are working on Is Tropical‘s new album at the moment, early July we have Kitsuné Soleil Mix 2, some great EP releases as The Swiss “Elouisa” and LOGO “Fabrice”! And we expect Heartsrevolution‘s album in the fall.

PN: Will London ever get a Kitsuné Maison? What has stopped you from setting up a shop here?
GL: Hum… It’s a bit complicated, I know we got a great following on the music side with Kitsuné in the UK. But I’m not sure we are there yet with the clothes line, we need to work harder on that aspect I believe. It’s definitely on the cards one day.

PN: What will be your summer uniform?
GL: I got great pair of vintage Levis 501, a little oversized, a white Maison Kitsuné T-shirt and a pair of loafers and I’m good to go!

PN: What’s your personal thoughts on the new Daft Punk album?
GL: Yes fantastic album! Daft Punk are geniuses.

PN: Can you share a surprising fact about Kitsuné?
GL: We have a café now in Tokyo. It’s called Café Kitsuné, and we are working on opening one in Paris. It might be a good thing to do in London too…

PN: What is your favourite song ever?
GL: All songs from The Smiths. I’m a massive fan.


Be at the Kitsuné Summer Party! June 22nd, Village Underground London.
Tickets available now.

- Kara Simsek

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