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Video Premiere: Avec Sans – ‘Hold On’

With a passion for icy, electro atmospherics and gliding gossamer vocals, London duo Avec Sans – comprised of Alice Fox and Jack St. James – craft lofty peaks of chiseled-to-perfection pop music. The pair’s latest single, ‘Hold On‘, is no exception: boasting immaculately glistening choruses and earworm melodies that rattle in the mind long after the its final ringing synth has fallen out of the ether.

‘Hold On”s accompanying video, which we’re bringing you the premiere of today, feels perfectly in keeping with the track’s frequent veerings between lucidity and opaqueness. At times, it presents the two-piece as mysterious creatures hidden behind all manner of audio-visual effects, at others they’re crystalline figures bounding around possessed by the music. In either case, ‘Hold On”s weightless synth-pop is clear-cut in its intentions: to captivate and intrigue with equal measure. What’s more, it succeeds stunningly.

- Alex Cull

‘Hold On’ is available now on Little World Recordings. For a selection of free tracks and remixes, head over to the duo’s Facebook page.

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