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Introducing: Phlo Finister

It’s hard to believe that this LA-based bombshell, Phlo Finister, was prohibited from listening to R&B and hip-hop by parents in her early years, as it’s easy to hear urban influences through her breathy Jessie Ware-esque vocals, accompanied by some slow beefed-up beats. A musical influence in particular that Finister is very vocal about is her interest in youthquaker culture – “youthquaker” referring to a 1960s cultural movement associated with fun, fashion and liberation. Finister does not fail in portraying this through her unusual musical flair.

It doesn’t take you long to realise after listening to a few of her lyrics that underneath an exterior of beauty and sweetness, is a diva who wouldn’t mind giving you a sassy slap in the face if you stepped out of line with her. For instance, after sticking her song Coca Cola Classic on for a few minutes, it’s not too far-off till you notice that the song isn’t actually referring to the sickeningly sweet fizzy drink, as one would think on initial impression, but actually something else a bit naughty. It’s these darker undertones that creates a bad-ass mystique about Finister. Definitely a lady to keep your eyes peeled for!

Finisters new EP ‘Poster Girl’ is to be released July 29th via Night Beach Records.

Phlo Finister is also playing a one-off London date at The Sebright Arms on July 31.

- George Palmer

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