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Album Review: Hook & the Twin – Never Ever Ever

Hook & the Twin have been floating on the London music scene since 2009 and have finally put together a full-length rich in fan favourites. On their debut album, Never Ever Ever, the electro-clash, indie duo – comprised of Tom Havelock and Marcus Efstratiou – have offered up a light, refreshing new sound. Efstratiou provides unyielding drum beats and produces synth sounds while Havelock creates continuous loops of bass riffs and lays down vocal tracks to cultivate a unique ambiance.

That Was A Day’, the first single to be released from Never Ever Ever, features vocals reminiscent of The Cure’s Robert Smith, while the constant, repetitive lyrical hook of, “that was a day, was a day”, sinks into the mind long after the track has finished. The bridge, meanwhile, is full of piano melodies, retro-80s effects, and effortless guitar riffs. ‘Bang Bang Cherry’ follows, sounding like a poppier take on The Horrors, replete with playful lyrics and haunting organ and guitar sounds. The song tells the story of a house fire, specifically of possible arson at the hands of a woman on the run who is derailed from reality. It’s an especially interesting track if you’re prepared to listen closely for the finer details.

‘Animals’, on the other hand, is infectious, coming packed with 70s bass slaps and retro electro beats. Unfortunately, as exhilarating as the track may be, it only lasts a few seconds shy of three minutes. ‘Stone’ finds itself on a more hypnotic bent with its repetitive key effects and echoing, a cappella vocals coming together with surf pop guitar melodies for an altogether more relaxing atmosphere. In addition to being one of the longer tracks on Never Ever Ever, ‘Stone’ is also trance-inducing, being both calming and electrifying.

They’ll Get Your Head’ begins with a spine-tingling funk jazz bass line, which is later paired with vocals that resemble Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys. It’s a fun and simple track that will be stuck in your head for hours after listening. Following is ‘Tribes’ another alternative pop/rock track that won’t quit. The fast chord progressions, loud bass lines, lucrative synths, and high, well-suited vocals that aren’t overpowering, create a perfect blend of sounds. If Never Ever Ever were to be summed up in three words, let they be these: poppy, inviting, and outstanding.

- Jess Edwards

Never Ever Ever is available now on Dancing Coins.


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