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Introducing: Mercedes

With a more than interesting back-story — involving Mercedes discovering her passion for singing in Alex James’s studio — it might come as a surprise that more people don’t know her name yet. But don’t be fooled, this lady has definitely been busy behind the scenes putting her fingers in many diverse pies. Mercedes has worked alongside various producers, of whom can boast of previous collaborations with major stars such as Girls Aloud, Sugababes, Professor Green, Ed Sheeran and CeeLo Green - to name just a few! If you’re into M.I.A. and sounds of that persuasion then you’re going to love this girl. Any 90s kids out there? Well, if so, you’ll love her new video for ‘Live in the Speaker’ which features a montage of some of the best childhood cinematic and TV snippets.

Mercedes’s single ‘Live in the Speaker‘ is out on June 2nd.

- George Palmer

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