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Notion 064 Dialogue: Two Door Cinema Club

Kara Simsek spoke to Sam Halliday of Two Door Cinema Club in the lull between two Coachella dates to find out how the band kill time when on one of their many epic tours. 

Two Door Cinema Club’s performance at Coachella still has people talking. Which is no easy feat when you think of all the incredible acts spread over the two festivals, which bookend a sunny California week like two monuments to hedonistic (and hyper hipster) fun.

Your performance on Saturday looked great, how did you enjoy it? “It felt really good. We’d been doing promo for 8 hours that day, it was the longest day ever. We were all really hoping it went well, there was so much pressure building up it as it was the first weekend and all the press are there. It was just a big gig to us, it was a night time set at a big festival in America, the first one of those we’d done. We were all really excited about it, and that translated in to a really fun show.”

Did you have a chance to watch any bands? “After we had finished promo I went to see Hot Chip as I needed to get in to the party mood. They were amazing, I’m a big fan. It sort of fitted with our mindset.

“We watched a bit of Pheonix as well. They brought out R Kelly, I’m a bit of a fan.” Say WHAT! “Yeah, they did Ignition meets 1901, that was pretty crazy. My favourite song is World’s Greatest.”

At that moment, Sam and the other members of the band, Alex Trimble and Kevin Baird were in Mexico. It was almost possible to feel the sunshine radiating out of the phone. Earlier that day they’d been surfing, a photo of them posing with sunglasses and surfboards receiving hundreds of envious compliments on their Facebook page.

You’re on the road a lot. “We’ve toured since the release of our first record.” Where is the best place to be on the road? “Touring America is one of the funnest places to tour.”

But despite a multitude of strange roadside attractions littering every major highway, the band haven’t made a habit of visiting huge fiberglass shapes, 50ft wide elastic band balls or obscure, macabre museums. “We’ve been to Universal Studios, and Disney World, things like that,” explains Sam. “We tend to stop off at truck stops in the middle of nowhere and see really stereotypical American things.”

Visions of pancakes served with butter and bacon, heart attacks on a plate washed down with insipid puddle water coffee spring to mind. But you must be used to it now? “The first tour we did we were like excitable children, it was really fun. We were awake all the time when we were travelling. But I guess now we don’t see as much of it as we are asleep when we are travelling.”

Prior to their triumphant turn at Coachella, the band were in Brazil, which meant a welcome change of pace and scenery, Sam explains. “The funnest thing about touring South America is that it’s quite rare for us to get culture shock these days. When we tour the UK and Europe you go in to any city centre and it’s H&M and Topshop everywhere, it’s exactly the same. It’s nice to go and see something totally different.”

And Brazil will probably be different should you return there now that the Olympics are coming. “They’re already got all the semi-automatic weapons out of the favelas for it,” he says.

But shockingly, Sam reveals that the most shocking thing he saw during the band’s time in the South American was to do with neither AK47s or cocaine barons. “I saw a lady shaving herself at the beach. That was just horrible.

“We were on Copacabana beach, it’s beautiful. We were walking along, as boys do, and we looked over at this woman and she was rubbing something in to her. We were like, ‘oh here we go she’s rubbing sun lotion on herself,’ she was rubbing it up and down her legs. Then she suddenly got this razor, and it turns out that it was shaving cream and she shaved herself all over. It was possibly one of the worst things I have ever seen in my life.”


1. The band’s spectacular show at Coachella was thanks to their long standing set designer.
2. Earlier that day, the band shared some pictures of themselves in wetsuits and sunglasses ready to go surfing.
3. Sam would rather see a woman shaving herself on the beach than one covered in thick hair.

WORDS: Kara Simsek

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