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#LCM SS14 Backstage: E. Tautz

Patrick Grant has re-invented what it means to be “peacocking”. For SS14 E. Tautz brought us something eclectic, luxurious but with the DNA of London running throughout it’s core. Grant’s background in working with Savile Row was clear to see as he explored it’s history, in particular the days of the peacock revolution. Using influences such as Michael Fish, Tommy Nutter, Rupert Lycett Green and John Pearce the SS14 collection was a treasure trove of wonder and splendor.

Grant mentions that the collection contains many pieces that he sees on his travels around London. From the shalwar kameez of Bangladeshi Muslim origin to the Japenese robe, all of course mixed with classic British pieces such as anoraks or tailored jackets. The runway was filled with these references but executed with such a thoughtful understanding of 21st century menswear. Jacquard evening jackets, youthful print tees, loose formal shorts, contrast red-soled slippers all created a superb look that was bold and yet refined, or more accurately intelligently styled.

The most striking aspect however was the palette Grant used. Invigorating and deep, these colours were inspired by Grant’s fascination with David Attenborough’s “Life of Birds” with prints and patterns also inspired by our feathered friends. Primary’s with subtle shines with the sobriety of black here and there worked beautifully. Grant puts it best when he says “we’ve attempted to put a modern plume in the peacock’s tail.” I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Words: Jazzino Tamani
Photography: Kaye Ford

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