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BOTW Video: Oliver Wilde – ‘Flutter’

There’s something downright hypnopompic about Oliver Wilde‘s ‘Flutter‘. Taken from his forthcoming debut album, A Brief Introduction to Unnatural Lightyears, its crisp, intermingling guitar lines break through the track’s hazy aesthetic like the first patterings of morning sunlight hitting tired eyes. All the while, Wilde gently hums in your ear; “Help you find your former self”, he offers like a long-lost friend returning to remind you of what matters most.

At first, the track’s accompanying clip, which features an array of archive footage rife in 20th century industrialisation and the world’s ever-increasing interconnectivity, may seem like a strange fit with ‘Flutter”s jangling, rustic guitars and pastoral feel. It all starts to make sense soon, however. Wilde places his music in a hinterland between acoustic resonance and filtered, technological processes – imagine, if you will, hearing Sibylle Baier‘s blustery, understated folk skewed by Six Organs of Admittance‘s Ben Chasny – and like the intrepid architect who first dared to string up a bridge on cables, he makes it to the other side triumphant, and perhaps even a little surprised.

- Alex Cull

A Brief Introduction to Unnatural Lightyears is available from July 22 on Howling Owl. You can pre-order it here.

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