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BEAUTIFY: Keep Calm with Dermalogica

Dermalogica has been pioneering skin health for over 25 years. Once you use it, your skin is changed forever and well, you get hooked. Like a bad drug, except it makes your skin great so there aren’t any downsides.

Our newest addiction? The UltraCalming range that focuses specifically on products that help already overly-sensitive skin, whilst also preventing any future flare ups. Coming from someone who’s skin has a mind of its own each and every day, these are the products that allow me to treat my skin and know what it’s going to look like when I wake up.


The UltraCalming Cleanser is the first step in de-sensitizing skin after a long hard days work of combating free radicals (that’s pollution, smoke, stress…) Next up treat your skin to UltraCalming Relief Masque which soothes and softens skin and gets rid of any redness or inflammations. The masque is also great if you’ve just exfoliated skin, as it helps it repair itself.


All the products contain the exclusive UltraCalming Complex which help minimize discomfort in the skin. This is especially present in the Barrier Repair which is a waterless moisturiser that helps the top layer of the skin build a strong resistance. It’s basically like adding an extra layer of super skin that will protect your skin throughout the day. Finish off with a spritz of UltraCalming Mist to cool you skin down. The mist is also great to carry in your bag throughout the day to soothe skin when it’s feeling sensitive.

Plus, we’ve got some very exciting news that there will be a new addition to the UltraCalming range come September. Sit tight for more…


UltraCalming Cleanser, £26

UltraCalming Relief Masque, £39

UltraCalming Barrier Repair, £36

UltraCalming Mist, £28

Words and photography- Emma Hoareau

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