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Introducing: Josh Record

Growing up in the south-west seems to have tapped into Josh Record‘s more folky and spiritual side. The 25 year old who’s now been in London for 9 years, hasn’t let the city life perturb his do-gooder ways – with a past of extreme and extensive charitable work, and, when I say charity work, I mean some ‘I didn’t realise any people like this existed’ sort of crazy shit! I wouldn’t even be able to scratch the surface of his angelic antics with just this page – but this side of the bearded fellas personality definitely spills over into the sound of his music. His voice and the arrangements of his tracks are just so pure and beautiful, that it gives you that same emotional stir up you get when you see Jack’s lifeless hand loose grasp of Rose’s and float to the bottom of the ocean at the end of Titanic. His songs make me want to go find a field of daisies, sit in it stroking a white puppy wearing a knitted hat and cry slowly to myself, pondering about how magical our world is – that’s how magnificent I think his songs are.

His song ‘The War’, does not only let his talent as a songwriter and vocalist shine through, but the production of the track is also spot-on. He will get the obvious Bon Iver comparisons — and to an extent, so rightly — but I can assure you that this man has a soul, or ”zen”, to his music which is inimitable. We haven’t even seen the best of Josh Record yet.

You can watch his new video for ‘The War’ here, or listen to the song via his SoundCloud.

Josh Record’s ’The War’ EP will be released August 12 on National Anthem.

- George Palmer

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