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Album Review: Part Time – PDA

Part Time’s new album PDA is without a doubt a collection of love songs, inspired by both heartbreak and successful relationships. Picking up where their 2011 debut, What Would You Say?, left off, PDA continues the surf pop via indie rock, vintage ride into a summer sunset. Each track has a nostalgic 1980s, Breakfast Club, cult classic sound with a modern twist making it relatable today.

I Want to Go’ starts with a light guitar melody that puts the mind to ease. David Speck’s voice is calmingly and effortless, even while belting out lyrics in a similar manner to Robert Smith of The Cure – actually bringing to mind their 1989 hit, ‘Lovesong’. The next track, ‘How Do I Move On’ expresses regret and the inability of moving on after a relationship end, with “how do I move on from you?” repeated throughout the chorus matched with a simple, yet fitting, recycled new wave sound.

‘Living in the U.S.A’ is completely different from anything that precedes it on PDA. The electronic introduction paired with pop riffs resembles a track from The Cars. The sound is refreshing and fitting for a backyard barbeque, with a great vibe to get people dancing. ‘Staring at a Gun’, meanwhile, is chillwave through and through, similar in sound to Toro y Moi’s ‘Harm In Change’, with less reliance on booming bass. The track is mainly supported by a string of synth effects and overlapping beats, while the vocals are minimal and subtle.

‘I Belong to You’ is definitely a love song. The slower paced snare hits on the drums sets the tone for a chorus full of funky jazz bass lines and high-pitched keys. The carefree guitar melody adds playfulness in a teasing fashion that leads to the end of the track. ‘All My Love and All Your Love (Together We Are Fine)’ is a particular high point. The groovy bass line and key solos throughout the track are amazing, almost bringing to mind Devo in its constant beat of snare and cymbal crashes.

Through and through, PDA is jam-packed with the sounds of new wave, forging electronic tracks with an indie rock twist. The mystical-sounding world of Part Time will send you on a journey to a foreign land full of love: utopia, possibly.

- Jess Edwards

PDA is available now on Mexican Summer. You can order it here.

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