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BEAUTIFY: Post-holiday skin

The fact that you could come back from holiday without perfectly sunned and smooth, healthy looking skin is not usually something you think of. I sure didn’t think it, but sadly- it did happen to me. A holiday to Italy translated itself in my head as tan, cocktails and um, tan. But I’m no irresponsible tanner- far from it. I’m in fact SPF nazi who no-one wants to talk to by the pool (even my friends) but I console myself with the fact that I’m hopefully going to miss out on skin cancer and that while my face is often paler than other, I’d rather be if it means I don’t have dark spots at an older age. As you can tell, this is something I think about a lot.

So, when I boarded the plane home fro Naples, and expected my skin to be sunnied and smoothed, I found out that 1) I should look closely at my skin on holiday more since 2) I had dry patches all over my skin. Why? Mainly because I have the irritating type of skin that doesn’t like oil- in fact, instead of moisturising my skin, oil dries it out. And having been slathering my oh-so-cautious SPF on it all week, it had revolted, and now looked -well- revolting.

Once I arrived back to London my first point of call was to sort out my skin. These, my friends, were my saviours.

_MG_0840When you’ve got dry skin, the best thing to do is exfoliate. Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant is no ordinary product however, and once used- I’m warning you – it’s hard to stop. The smoothest of smoothe, brightest of bright skin is yours every morning when you use this. (Although, it did take me a couple days to entirely get rid of the build up my holiday had created.) The product comes in powder form, which you mix in your hands with water to form a paste. Makes you feel like a mad scientist of sorts.

Next up- MOISTURE. In the form of Clarins new Hydra-Quench Cream-Mask which is so thick and rich that it’s hard to make yourself wash it off five minutes later. But then you’re happy you did once you see the outcome. My skin looked alive again! Phew.


Several drops of SkinCeuticals Rextexturing Activator keeps your skin smooth all day. The serum stimulates enzymes in the skin to help break down dead skin cells that are clogging (and creating my holiday look) skin. Whilst doing that, it also hydrates the skin by reinforcing the skin’s barrier. Radiance, I’m here.

Instead of clogging up my already clogged pores with my usual foundation- I opted for a lighter coverage of Nivea’s BB cream . The lightweight formula covers your skin whilst hydrating it (I had to take all I could get here) my face with Provitamin B5.

Now, I just need to find an oil-less SPF…



Words and photography- Emma Hoareau

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