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Moodboard: Clean Bandit

Ahead of their new single ‘Dust Clears‘ dropping on July 29 through Atlantic, we asked London baroque house foursome, Clean Bandit, to take us on a visual guide of what makes their world the colourful place it is. Here Grace Chatto (strings), Jack Patterson (bass/sax/decks), Luke Patterson (drums) and Neil Amin-Smith (strings) tell us about the weird and wonderful things that inspire them, a list that includes lamb chops, Twin Peaks and… Luke’s nan.

1. An Equal Music by Vikram Seth

Grace: “Jack and I read this book again recently (aloud to each other!) and also discovered that it is loosely based on several different musicians that we know.”

2. South Kilburn Studios

Grace: “This is where we write and record all our music. It was designed by our friends, Practice Architecture. Many collaborations have arisen from working there, e.g. we met Nikki Marshall, the vocalist on our tracks ‘Nightingale‘ and ‘A&E‘ through this place. Goth Tech are based there, who have remixed our latest single ‘Dust Clears‘.”

3. Kambar, Cambridge

Grace: “This place no longer exists, but it has been a source of musical inspiration for Jack, our principal composer. It was a nightclub where we ran a club night called National Rail Disco, at which Neil booked DJs such as James Blake, Ikonika, Pariah and Deadboy.”

4. Lamb

Jack: “Trying to think of a food that inspires me… Roast lamb? Grilled lamb? Actually just lamb.”

5. Noonie Bao and/or Jimmy Napes

Jack: “When I get in the studio with Jimmy Napes or Noonie Bao (pictured above), I am always inspired.”

6. Luke’s nan

Luke: “My nan inspires me to do graffiti and go skateboarding.”

7. Twin Peaks

Grace: “Twin Peaks inspires us to make music videos.”

8. Birds of Prey

Jack: “They stand out for me against other birds. Also, I find it funny that Grace confuses owls with eagles.”

9. Bon Jovi – ‘It’s My Life’

Neil: “Don’t think I need to spell out why.”

10. Clay Thompson

Luke: “My friend Clay Thompson’s incredible camera skills inspire me to be a better cameraman.”

- Alex Cull

Clean Bandit’s Dust Clears EP is released July 29 on Atlantic. You can pre-order it now via iTunes by heading here.

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