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Roll over to Skate King’s Cross

Skate King’s Cross has popped up (literally) in the heart of London’s developing King’s Cross. With top name DJs, delicious food and drinks provided by Disco Bistro, this pop up rink is set to roll throughout the Summer, until September 6th.

Skate King's Cross, a popup Roller Rink in the West Handyside Canopy

We may have all been partial to a roller disco in our youth, but Skate King’s Cross offers an experience reminiscent of the legendary Canvas nightclub. However, this time round the lofty, disco soundtrack plays out the likes of Damon Martin (Disco Bloodbath) and Hannah Holland, while on a Friday and Saturday evening, the roller disco houses special DJ sessions.

Open for only eight weeks, Skate King’s Cross, has been designed by the very talented architecture studio Feix and Merlin. Tarek Merlin of the company, says:

“We have really been able to have fun with this project and I think this comes through in the final design. We’ve used raw, heavy materials, in keeping with the industrial heritage of the area, but we’ve also used gold chain-mail and custom light installations to reference the recent past, when King’s Cross was a mecca for clubbers, ravers and yes, even skaters.”

Fitting with the retro essence of Skate King’s Cross, punk foodies Disco Bistro offer their signature diner food delicacies. As if catering for 100 skaters per session isn’t enough, there is also a viewing area accommodating an additional 200 onlookers, diners and drinkers.

So we say, Skate King’s Cross is a sure fired way to having an epic night out, and since it’s only around for eight weeks, better catch it before it goes.

 - Ben Lifton

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