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The most definitive moments in grime

To mark the release of Jammer’s upcoming album Living The Dream, we asked the grime artist (Boy Better Know, Lord of the Mics) what have been the most definitive moments of the genre he helped pioneer:

When P Diddy wanted to do a grime tune.

For iconic figures coming in and respecting the movement, I think that did a lot for us. Just the vision and being able to say that, is a massive thing.

Dizzee Rascal opening the Olympics.

Definitely flying the flag for grime. Rappin’ with the Bow E3 jacket! Whether people want to try and say he isn’t really a grime act or whatever, he is grime whether you like it or not. So for me, that was a big moment in grime.

Wiley having so many commercially successful records and to be able to be the Godfather of grime and to be comfortable and enjoying life. 

He’s done a lot for the movement.

Boy Better Know winning the Red Bull Culture Clash.

That was a very, very, strong, strong high point in grime. Just because… reading the line-up and reading the outcome, without any video output, just the statistics on paper and how it looked for us, that was amazing.

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

‘Lord of the Mics’ making a comeback and being so successful and bringing forward so many artists from the midlands and up north.

That’s just like… for grime, it needed that. As there wasn’t much happening in the scene at the time.

Tempah T crossing over with Chase and Status.

For me, it shows that a grime artist can also do other things and find platform into bigger ventures. Sometimes people pocket hole the whole grime thing, so I think Tempah T making such a huge impact with just sheer energy… which is what grime allows you to express.


BBK launching the Boy Better Know sim card.


That was big because it shows people that it’s a lot more than releasing music now. We’re trying to build empires here. I think ‘Murkle Man’ was big too!



That was a major single. Shout out to Lethal (Bizzle) on that one.

Living The Dream is out now.

Luke Langlands

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