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Moodboard: Kiwi

London-based DJ Kiwi (Alex Warren) has been perfecting his funk and disco-inspired beats over the past two years, and recently confirmed a spot at the official Lovebox after party. The Nest resident told Planet Notion about his favourite things and the influences on his huge, cool-drenched sound.


My first and most important influence has to be clubbing, all aspects of nightclubs, the music, the atmosphere, the friends, the drama, the drinks and the hormones. I make music for the club, tracks I want to play in the clubs I DJ in. Durrr, Bugged Out, The Nest and XOYO are all huge influences on the music I make and play.

John Peel

My last years of school were spent staying up till the early morning listening to John Peel’s radio 1 show. There was no iPlayer back then so you either listened live or missed out, I didn’t miss a show in 3 years – my school work suffered but I learnt a huge amount about myself, the world and of course music. I will never forget the weekend of his death. JP died whilst on holiday, he was flying home that weekend to attend my boss’s (at the time) wedding anniversary in Shrewsbury. My boss knew that I was a fan, and had sat me next to him at a Table. I will never forget how excited/heartbroken I was that week.


Written this paragraph about four times out of fear of sounding sexist. Girls are an inspiration to me because when girls dance (I mean actually dance) everything changes. When girls dance – guys dance, when girls dance – DJs dance, when girls dance – bouncers dance. Blah blah blah. There are of course excellent exemptions! Props to Hot boy dancing spot and horse meat disco!


Pretty self explanatory, I’m a food snob. I love food and I can’t make music on an empty stomach, so I spend as much time in the kitchen as I do in the studio.

Disco music

My one true love and it’s the greatest music in the world.


Étienne de Crécy - Superdiscount 2

This is the album that first opened my eyes to electronic music. It blew me away, at a time when all I cared about was guitars. I still listen to it now.

Syclops/Maurice Fulton


I love everything he does, the crazier the better. I am not musically trained or in fact very musical at all, if you’d ask me what key something is in I couldn’t tell you. In some respects gives me a unique approach to making music. I don’t care about breaking the rules. I like random weird events in music. Little surprises that shouldn’t be there but just are. Syclops is the best example I can think of for this. His music is so eventful.


I name all my music after random animals, animals rule!

Kiwi’s new EP Llama is out now.



Luke Langlands

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