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BOTW Playlist: Snow Ghosts

Concluding the week we’ve spent traipsing through the cavernous, neo-gothic spaces of London duo Snow GhostsThrowing Snow (Ross Tones) and Augustus Ghost (Hannah Cartwright), respectively – the pair put together a bountiful playlist of the tracks currently tickling their musical fancies.

At 23 tracks in length, it’s quite a substantial undertaking to sit down and listen to in one go, but trust us when we say you’ll be glad you did. Opening on the incidental masterworks of The Books‘ dexterous The Lemon of Pink (in this case, ‘The Lemon of Pink I’) and the vocal meanderings of Four Tet‘s folky reworking of Caribou‘s ‘Melody Day’. That’s not to say that Snow Ghosts’ mixtape is top-heavy, however; not by a long shot. The gems just keep on coming the further we delve in, in fact, and they provide a blueprint for the pair’s entrancing concoction of power electronics and dark folk.

It’s hard not to trace a direct lineage – at least in terms of the moods evoked – between Snow Ghosts and the atmospheric soundscapes of Canadian collective, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, who appear here with the funereal ‘Moya’, taken from their 1999 EP Slow Riot for New Zerø Kanada. On a similar note, the woozy late night tales of Tri Angle mainstay Holy Other‘s ‘Touch’ feel like an important reference point for the sense of unease cultivated by Snow Ghosts on A Small Murmuration, albeit without quite such a classicist sense of storytelling. Juxtaposed with First Aid Kit‘s delicate ‘When I Grow Up’, it makes for a perfect vignette of Snow Ghosts’ sound: unnerving yet affecting, unsettling but beguiling.

- Alex Cull

A Small Murmuration is available now on Houndstooth. You can order it here.

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