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Rudimental week: Essential tour items

Local lads in global demand, Rudimental certainly know a thing or two about touring by now. When I caught up with Piers from the band recently, I asked if the lifestyle ever stopped feeling like a 24-hour party and started feeling more like work.

“Ask me in four years! At the moment we’re just really enjoying it and having fun. It’s basically like the best school trip ever without any rules, and without a teacher telling you what to do. Well there is a teacher, he’s called the tour manager, but he doesn’t tell you off, so it’s great! Obviously we do have to treat it like work, and we’re really dedicated to performing and putting on good shows, but I think while you’re young you’ve got to enjoy it, and we’re all really good mates as well, so it’s like a big team. When you have a really good gig it’s great to party afterwards and enjoy yourselves because you’re buzzing so much from the gig, and we definitely did that in Australia! You definitely know how to party out there.” (I manage to hide my accent behind written words, but yes, I am Australian – AR)

What are Piers’s top 3 essential tour items?

1. I’ve got to be pretty boring and say a toothbrush, just because I’ve got a bit of an OCD thing about brushing my teeth two or sometimes three times a day.


2. Another essential one is extra beer.
We always seem to run out of beer! At the start of the tour we have to stock up ‘cause there’s about nine of us on the road as the live act, so obviously alcohol and beer gets consumed quite quickly.


3. Deodorant! Deodorant is a key tourbus item, because it gets quite smelly with seven boys.

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Catch Rudimental at GlobalGathering, 26-27th July at Long Marston Airfield, Stratford Upon Avon. The band is also set to set to play a host of festivals across the summer. For full details, see www.rudimental.co.uk

- Ally Russell


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