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Video: Champs – My Spirit is Broken

Brother duo Champs released a video for their free to download track My Spirit is Broken this week. Filmed in Champ’s hometown of Ventnor on the Isle of Wight, the video pays homage to the local game of  ’pooljumping’, which presumably every person on the island has been doing during this summer’s unprecedented heatwave.

With reverberated and excellently restrained guitar allowing  hypnotic vocals to forerun the track, My Spirit is Broken envelops the listener in subtle nods towards Fleetwood Mac-inspired epic singalong choruses. Champs drenches us is finesse, assuredness and ice-cold certainty that this band is one to keep both eyes on.

My Spirit is Broken can be downloaded from their website. Champs also due to play Bestival later in the year.

Luke Langlands

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