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EP Premiere: Nina Nesbitt – Way in the World

Say what you will about the wave of singer-songwriters using YouTube and similar outlets as a platform to wider notoriety, there’s always been something just that little bit different about Scotland’s Nina Nesbitt. Perhaps it’s that her songwriting is markedly more refined and infectious, perhaps it’s that she’s got a certain charm sadly lacking from so many of her contemporaries; whatever it is, it’s certainly aided her rise to fame.

On her latest EP, Way in the World, which we’re bringing you the premiere stream of today, Nesbitt exudes these qualities with aplomb. Whether that’s in the pristine, folk-pop perfection of the title track’s rousing guitars and monumental choruses, or the stark, nocturnal ‘Spiders’ with its biting refrains of “now you come crawling, boy/like spiders in the night”, there’s something infinitely loveable in these honest pop songs.

Below, you can stream Way in the World in full, as well as read a brief synopsis on each track from Nesbitt herself:

‘Way in the World’
“This was written about working at River Island and knowing that I wanted to be a singer but not knowing how to get started on it all.”

‘Brit Summer’ (Demo)
“‘Brit Summer’ was written about my excitement for the summer basically. It’s the kind of the summer version of ‘Stay Out’.”

‘Not Me’
“This one was written when I found out a relationship had really ended and there was not anyway of changing anything.”

“‘Spiders’ was written years ago when someone was writing stuff about me behind my back – how bad my music was, etc – then I found out and confronted him. He then came crawling back and tried to deny it all.”

- Alex Cull

Photo: Alex Lake

The Way in the World EP is available now on Island. You can download it right now here, via iTunes.

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