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BEAUTIFY: Aerin Summer Seashell Color

While Britain basks and blisters in the middle of this prolonged heat wave make-up wearers have to fight against their carefully applied products slipping down their face during the course of the day.  Summer tends to lend itself to lighter formulas and brighter colours, which comes in handy when your cosmetics have to survive such horrible situations as a packed, sweaty tube carriage.  With that in mind, a more neutral colour palette is often useful, not only does it have the benefit of being a bit more manageable in the heat, but it can provide a form of escapism.  Replicating holiday looks in your day-to-day life is not only an easy way to wear make up, but it has the added bonus of recalling summer situations that are much more pleasant than the city heat.


Helpfully, Estee Lauder’s sister brand, Aerin, has just launched a collection that comprises a beautiful range of colours for summer.  The Seashell Color collection, inspired by the seaside and the beach, manages to emulate the kind of tones you’d associate with the tousled waves and tanned skin of someone freshly emerged from the surf.  The Summer Style Palette contains two eye colours, a blusher and four lip colours, all designed to be applied with minimal hassle and fuss.  The eye colours have a beautiful shimmery undertone, enough to add glamour without looking overdone, while the blusher gives a natural peach hue.


The lip colours, two lipsticks and two glosses, provide a pop of colour without being too strong.  The collection also contains two neutral, high gloss, lip glosses.  Like the palette, these allow the wearer to achieve a softer look than would typically be used in winter, and they glide on to provide an effortless, polished look.  The collection takes its inspiration from lazy summer days, and its colours palette allows it to be applied easily, making it a perfect choice to style out the remainder of the heat wave.



Words- Rachel Bolland

Photography- Emma Hoareau

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