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Trending: the midi skirt

Chance meetings in fashion crop up all the time, but when we ran into the lovely Lorna Weightman of StyleIsle a couple of months ago in a PR’s waiting room, we got chatting and well things went from there. After a few months of discussion, we’ve brought her sage words an inimitably chic opinions and advice to PlanetNotion, for a regular column looking at the development of womenswear trends: where they come from, why they’ve apperared and how to wear them – if indeed you should. First up, it’s the midi skirt…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent the last two weeks baking and not in The Great British Bake Off kind of way. No, I have melted in the heatwave which is only comparable to that generated by an oven. I’ve been embracing my inner-flamenco and have accessorized with a fan, which realistically just throws more hot air at my already flushed face. Me, heat and humidity don’t exactly have a match-made-in-heaven relationship, with my deathly pale Irish skin not knowing what to do other than turn a delightful shade of tomato and get drunk on SPF-50.

Left: Jonathan Saunders AW13. Right: Temperley AW13.

Dressing to keep cool in sticky weather is no easy feat, but I have never seen so many exposed bum cheeks and not in a good way. I hope those in question remembered to put sunscreen on otherwise they’re not exactly going to be comfortable come evening. What’s the solution without stripping off completely? I’ve learned the hard way that mini skirts are not the answer – peeling yourself off a plain, train or automobile leather seat is not exactly the epitome of elegance – and despite linen being a traditional cooling fabric, it provides no solace in a city that’s overheating whether the sun is beaming or the thunder is rolling.

Left: Acne – Coin Wool Rivet A-Line Skirt. Right: Chloé – See.

Ta-dah! Please give a round of applause for the midi length, a-line skirt. This is a solution-based trend. Primarily an Autumn/Winter catwalk craze, the  transient nature of the midi is why I like it most. The midi length works for us all the time and not just in one season. Buy it now, wear it now, and wear it late

Lorna in a Topshop midi

Reflecting on February fashion weeks designers really embraced a shift in shape. Everything is getting a little bigger, more rounded and less tight. Each fashion house has gone about this in a slightly different way, adding some much needed variation to a style that risks being a little safe.

Returning to 1950s all out glamour, Prada pays homage to post-Second World War tailoring through wool skirt suits with decadent fur trimming (start practicing your victory rolls) whilst Pheobe Philo at Céline opted for a more fitted interpretation. Back to London Jonathan Saunders and Temperley were my personal favourites, with swinging skater skirts underpinning the ‘girliness of the skirt that is making my heart leap with fashion lust.

        M. Missoni – Diamond Knit Flippy Skirt

Working this into our wardrobes as an everyday option is easier than you think. Topshop’s dusky blue skirt, with translucent panels is the perfect ‘resort’ piece. Styled with a fitted blouse and draped cardigan you could easily audition for a part in Call the Midwife. Going back to my original point, this is the piece of choice in Sahara-like weather, with the floating fabric and a-line structure sitting comfortably away from your body. If you prefer something with a more tailored shape then See by Chloé’ soft peach knee length style is perfect and makes for a nice piece in the office, meeting all business dress code requirements yet adding some sweet colour. Military influences are also here to stay next season, and I particularly like Acne’s fusion of a sophisticated navy, cross over skirt that has just the right amount of buttons to save it from being like my old school uniform.

- Lorna Weightman

Header image credit: Style.com

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