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BOTW Video: Swim Deep – ‘King City’

In honour of Swim Deep‘s re-released debut single, ‘King City‘, dropping this week on Chess Club/RCA Victor, we decided to take a closer look at the track and its accompanying video by detailing 10 awesome things about ‘King City’. Below, you can check out the clip in all its on-the-open-road glory and read our 10 pointers for what to look out for as the Swim Deep boys go on one hell of a trip:

1. 0:07 – The mysterious, bikini-clad woman, and Swim Deep’s reaction: This opening salvo perfectly encapsulates the number of hormones running through these young Brummies as they gawk at this rather well-toned lady.

2. 0:24 – Watching the boys cruising along in a vintage El Dorado: They’ve come a long way from Birmingham, that much is certain.

3. 0:37 – The vinyl hits the floor: We all love vinyl, sure, but no matter how much of an audiophile you are, there’s something incredibly satisfying about watching it face physical damage.

4. 0:40 – Austin’s shirt: Some things never go out of style, some never make it into it. Some transcend both categories…

5. 1: 06 – That wink: Just before the track erupts into its first sing-along chorus, frontman Austin Williams winks into the camera with all the sarcasm and misplaced sexuality of a vintage Gallagher sneer.

6. 2:29 – Higgy’s ankle bracelet: See point 4.

7. 2:47 – On arriving at the beach, Cav removes his shoes: Because even rock stars hate getting sand in their shoes…

8. 3:22 – The nighttime drive sequence enters: One of the trippiest – read: best – segments of a music video we’ve seen all year.

9. 3:35 – A gobstopper lollipop: Can it truly be?!

10. 3:51 – The beach-side takedown: Boys just want to have fun too.

- Alex Cull

Where the Heaven Are We is available from August 5 on Chess Club/RCA Victor. ‘King City’ is out now. Swim Deep appear in Notion’s free festival guide for iPad and Windows 8 – head to one of the below links to nab your copy now.

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